How to configure running PowerShell script in Windows Scheduler for non-geeks

So you have a PowerShell Script file c:\program files\my awesome scripts\script1.ps1

You want it to run every day at 7.30 am.

Open  Windows Scheduler. Create Task..

Provide typical info, good to describe your task very well, just like I did below 😉 When you run mission critical tasks, make sure to choose account that will have access to all resources, also select “Run with highest privileges” and “run when user is logged or not”

In triggers section, choose when it runs

Now is a tricky part. In Actions, youneed to Start a program, provide a path to Powershell which is


If your script path have spaces, add ampersand (&) and wrap with single apostrophe. It is important, if you don’t your script will not execute properly (non-geeky character of this post does not allow me to explain why)

You are done. Test run your task.

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